Minutes from the 6-25-12 Forum of ToLG

Original on Google docs: The Tree of Life Guild minutes from June 25, 2012

The Tree of Life Guild

  An Arts, Crafts, and Services Community in Ashland, Oregon

Building Eternity-in-Time through Lives and Works of Beauty


Forum Minutes:  June 25, 2012

Insights and developments

  • Theme, motif for Idylls Press:  “deep magic in the state of Jefferson”
  • Logo:  Should The Tree of Life Guild logo encompass all of the family enterprises?
  • Principle:  unity in diversity—e.g., all together and each individually.  Implications that we share common vision, values, mission, key common  investments (e.g., website domain and maintenance costs), while each enterprise has its individual business plan, resource allocation.
  • Roles/responsibilities:  Related to the above principle, we each determine to manage our respective business requirements; Mom can help us to manage the “common” ones.
  • Foundation-laying:  While John is in Chicago for the 2012-13 academic year, we’ll continue to refine the vision, values, mission, business plan for ToLG.
  • Branches:  ToLG branches include (but are not limited to) Idylls Press, Integrity of Life (continuous personal growth), Silverlode (fabric art), John Murphy Art, John’s video/film projects


What Who When Notes/status
  1.  Write up procedures for book design, pre-press file preparation.


  1.  Seek and post quotes regarding beauty, eternity-in-time, etc. for ToLG.


All On-going
  1.  Work with Rachel to resolve technical problems of website.


  1.  Update private ToLG website and deal with passwords, etc.


  1.  Check on site weekly.


  1.  Craft a vision, values, mission, basic plan document (derived from charter and dialogue).


  1.  Revise Jacksonville Inn schedule to focus more on “true work” of ToLG.


Rachel Summer
  1.  Document community inclusion hours for work with Luke for Rachel’s use.


  1. Develop ToLG logos for individual enterprises.


John summer



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