How Daniel’s Flourishing! Approach to Life Coaching Works

Flourishing! guides you through s a five-step strategic personal growth process. Each step engages you in several key guiding questions that are adapted to your specific needs, circumstances, interests, and temperament. You craft your own excellent life portrait, a “credo” of core values and life imperatives, and a strategic growth plan encompassing six life domains.

  1. Assessing: Where do things stand right now? What are my signature strengths and challenges? What are the external opportunities and threats? What core values guide me?

  1. Visioning: What is my preferred future—the flourishing life I envision? What does this flourishing life feel like and look like? How can I optimize my potential?

  1. Planning: What goals and key strategies will help to close the gap between my current reality and envisioned, flourishing future? How will I mark and measure my progress?

  1. Enacting: What actions, with whom, and by when are my top priority? What resources do I need to take these actions effectively?

  1. Renewing: What am I learning? What course-corrections are needed? What is undermining my efforts, causing resistance to the change I want? How can I address them?

What are the results of the Flourishing! Process?

Doing the Flourish! process with commitment and consistency can yield powerful results.

  • A sharp assessment of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges

  • A clear articulation of your passion-drawn, values-driven life/personal mission

  • A compelling vision for the flourishing life you choose to lead

  • Core values to guide you

  • A Flourishing! plan that’s “SMART”—specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timelined

  • A method for continuous review, improvement, and renewal

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