Debra Murphy

Debra Murphy

Debra Murphy, writer

I’m a fiction writer, blogger, fangirl, and the materfamilias of Clan Murphy in southern Oregon. My day job is serving as business manager and web maven of the Tree of Life Guild.

I am passionate about Speculative Fiction and SciFi/Fantasy, Arthurian lit and legends, the history and lore of the Pacific Northwest and the “Mythical State of Jefferson,” Shakespeare, and everything I call “Wyrdery”, from esoteric philosophy to mythology to Alternative History to utopian/dystopian visions.

The 411

I studied History in college. Why? Because I thought understanding the human journey was indispensable for fictional world-building, and I wanted to write novels. Big fat world-building novels like the Russians used to write, and have now become the domain of SFF authors like Tolkien and King and Martin. Me, I’ve published only one so far, but if it’s taken me longer than usual to get the second one out there, it’s because I was swept off my feet at a tender age by a wonderful man, and we’ve spent the better part of the last four decades raising a large family of amazing, inspiring kids.

Vienna State Opera House, where I saw my first opera, Beethoven's Fidelio. Photo by Peter Haas via Wikimedia Commons

Vienna State Opera House. I saw my first opera here, Beethoven’s Fidelio. (Photo by Peter Haas via Wikimedia Commons)

[intense_spacer type=”block” height=”40″]I met Daniel on a study abroad program in Austria, where we were exposed to world-class theatre, opera, and literature. We’ve lived in quite a few places since then, and visited a dozen countries, but four decades, five states, seven cats, one dog, and six children later, Daniel and I have made our home in the “Mythical State of Jefferson,” that imaginary 51st state somewhere between Oregon and California. I love this part of the country so much I’ve set my series-in-progress in it.

Welcome to my world.

Mount Shasta (California) from Mount Ashland (Oregon)

Mount Shasta (California) from Mount Ashland (Oregon)






  1. Terry Freitag

    Hi Deb, I write you at the recommendation of our mutual friend Kathleen Lundquist and I’m very interested in aspects of your profile above. I’ve written 10 books mostly in the Christian spec fic genre and I’m interested in starting a conversation and going into details about my journey and comparing notes. Would it be possible to connect via email?

    • Hi, Terry,

      Re: your comment at and Kathleen Lundquist’s reco to get in touch with me, I replied a while back but didn’t hear from you. (We recently moved, and I haven’t been online much, so perhaps I missed something.)

      If you’d like to contact me via email, I’m at

      Hope you and yours have a lovely Christmas,

      Debra Murphy

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